City announces Pascan flight service at Kingston Airport

Kingston, Ontario – December 9, 2021 –

The City of Kingston is pleased to announce that Pascan Aviation will begin providing airline service to Kingston Airport, starting in March 2022. Flight service will be offered three times daily, Monday through Friday, and twice daily on Saturday and Sunday.

Pascan Aviation has entered into interline agreements with Air Canada and Air Transat that will allow passengers of its current network to seamlessly connect anywhere in the world where Air Canada and Air Transat fly. Pascan Aviation intends to add Kingston within the scope of these agreements.

“Adding Kingston to our list of destinations is the most exciting thing we have done in years,” says Julian Roberts, CEO of Pascan.

“Pascan has been looking to develop in Ontario for some time now and the welcome we have received here in Kingston has made us feel at home. The City of Kingston knows what they want, and they made it easy for us to make the move. The market is here: people need options for travel, and we are very proud to become that option! With our interline agreements with Air Canada and Air Transat, we are proud to say we will be bringing Kingston to the world, and the world to Kingston,” adds Roberts.

Pascan Aviation will contribute to the development of the region, by linking residents to main markets in Canada and beyond.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Pascan to Kingston. Air service has been impacted across the globe as a result of the pandemic and Kingston was no exception. I applaud the outstanding efforts of airport staff and community partners in helping to bring air service safely back to the community,” says Mayor Bryan Paterson. “Now is the time to build new partnerships and begin exploring new opportunities for air travel, and this partnership is the beginning of a new season for air travel. It will help our economic recovery efforts and will provide a fast and convenient travel link to and from the city,” adds Paterson.

Aside from benefitting residents of Kingston and the region, the arrival of the carrier is sure to provide a welcome boost to the local tourism industry. “Tourism is poised for a strong recovery. This partnership with Pascan Aviation will connect Kingston with a key market in Montreal, providing ease of access for visitors.”