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Investigating the Feasibility of Constructing a Regional Biosolids & Biogas Facility in Kingston

June 7 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Biosolids are produced from wastewater sludge, generated by two major wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in the City of Kingston. One of these WWTPs requires expansion of its biosolids treatment processes to service future development. In 2017, Utilities Kingston recognized an opportunity to address the treatment capacity need while positively contributing to the City’s goal of reducing community and corporate greenhouse gas emissions. A Master Plan for Enhanced Biosolids Management and Biogas Utilization was completed in 2020 with a recommendation to “Develop an integrated biosolids and source separated organics processing facility”. The facility would manage biosolids from the City’s WWTPs and other sources of organic materials, including wastes from the City’s residential green bin program, with the primary goal of optimizing the production of biogas and treated organic residuals for beneficial reuse. The focus of this presentation will be to describe the planning work that has followed the Master Plan project over the last two years, including the development of a conceptual design for the facility, an assessment of its net environmental benefit potential and other project highlights. The planning work has been led by Utilities Kingston, with significant input from the City of Kingston.