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Food businesses choose Kingston for the strategic location with 25 million people living within an 8-hour drive of Kingston, proximity to agriculture, specialty machine shops and skilled labour. In the past 5 years, Kingston has welcomed over $250M investment from foreign direct investment in the food industry.

Housed in Kingston are corporations dedicated to food processing (Frulact, Canada Royal Milk), food color and food additives (Sensient, Calico Food Ingredients), breweries, research and development of biotechnology (Performance Plants Inc.), custom equipment manufacturing (Pure Ingenuity Ltd.), food and beverage distribution (Tim Hortons Distribution, Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd., Pepsico, Findlay Foods) to name a few.

Besides trained talent and strategic location, Kingston is home to several specialty machine shops that are capable of designing and building full production lines for the agri-food industry. Pure Ingenuity specializes in providing custom-designed manufacturing equipment for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and fine chemical manufacturing industries that require large scale processing equipment, stainless steel tanks, stainless steel vessels, and pressure vessels while adhering to regulatory requirements such as FDA, 3A, HACCP, and cGMP.

Performance Plants is an established company that researches gene discovery, trait development technologies and is involved in the commercialization of these capabilities. Their work with Bayer CropScience, RiceTex, DBN, and Biocentury Transgene Mahyco opens up their services for global markets to increase high-yield but ethical farming technology.

Calico Food Ingredients is an application-specific company that formulates, sources, and delivers specialty ingredients that still retain nutrition and aesthetic values. Calico focuses on natural colours in food products, beverages and nutritional supplements. Similarly, Sensiet Technologies is a global manufacturer of food-based colours, flavours and fragrances that sprung out of the Meadow Springs Distillery that originally opened in 1882.

There are many high-quality wholesale food and beverage distribution centers located in Kingston: TDL (Tim Hortons) Distribution, W.R. McCrae, Findlay Foods, Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd., Tony Deodato & Sons Ltd. Each contributes to the growth of jobs and business to business transaction opportunities in this region.

Pure Ingenuity is an engineering-based company that specializes in large and industry-specific equipment for a variety of industries, their largest being the food and beverage industry. Pure Ingenuity’s staff of highly-trained engineers solve manufacturing problems and allow businesses to retain autonomy in the production of their products. Pure Ingenuity specializes in engineering services, precision fabrication, and installation and service for the pharmaceutical industry, food, beverage and dairy industry, cosmetics and fine chemicals, public art and architecture, and brewery solutions. Additionally, Kingston is home to Allcan, a first class 3PL warehousing and distribution services provider with second to none WMS capability and Global Food Safety Initiative certification.


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Queen’s University, Gastrointestinal Diseases Research Unit (GIDRU) is a diverse multidisciplinary group, drawing its clinical membership from the Departments of Medicine, Surgery and Pathology, and basic science faculty from the Departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology and Immunology, and  Physiology.

CCIC has a 20,000 SF facility in Kingston with Chemical and Biological testing equipment. Certificates issued by CCIC Canada are widely accepted by inspection authorities around the world, which facilitates the customs clearance procedure, saving time and costs for clients.


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