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By establishing your company in Kingston, you gain immediate access to rapid and reliable logistics services. National and international transportation, distribution, and warehousing services are already set up (such as Prologix, Vitran Express, SCI Distribution), with access to a variety of shipping and travel services.

Kingston’s optimal location makes it a functional city for outsourcing or inbound shipping services. Kingston is centrally located between three major cities in and around Ontario, Canada: Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. This city is located right along Ontario’s most populated highway, HWY 401, and the CN Rail Line. Transport goods to and from the continental rail networks, connecting to CN (Canada’s National Railway Company), the CP (Canada’s Pacific Railway), and numerous short line railways.

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Proximity to neighbouring Canadian cities by car:

· Toronto, ON: 260 km (161.6 miles)
· Ottawa, ON: 190 km (118 miles)
· Montreal, QC: 280 km (174 miles)

Proximity to neighbouring US cities by car:

· Syracuse, NY: 213 km (132 miles)
· New York City: 609 km (378 miles)
· Boston, MA: 645 km (400 miles) 

Canada’s VIA Rail, an independent Crown corporation, operates over 500 trains per week across eight Canadian provinces (12,5000 km of track). Kingston is the 9th busiest stop in Canada providing consistent and reliable service.

Kingston Airport can provide domestic transportation and cargo transport options.

Kingston is 50 km from the Thousand Island Border Crossing (456; U.S. Alexandria Bay Port, 0708). This border crossing is a 24/7 border crossing and it provides entry points by land (by bridge), water, and air. For highway entry, the CBSA is one of the best border crossings in Ontario with an average commercial wait time of 5 minutes, and it offers the following services: Accounts Receivable Ledger Office (ARL), a Designated Export Reporting Office (EXPORT), NEXUS/Highway (NEXUS/HWY), Highway/Land Border Office (HWY/B), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and a Designated Commercial Office (DCO).

Additional border crossings exist at the Prescott Port of Entry, which is 110 km east of Kingston and situated along the Canada-U.S. border of the Ogdensburg Bridge, NY (0701), Hwy 37. These points of entry allow easy access to The Eastern Seaboard with access to New York City and Boston in under 650 km.

Kingston is 80 km from the deep-water port of Picton Terminals. Picton Terminals is a family-owned port and currently offers container and bulk shipping.






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