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Kingston-Syracuse Pathway

The cities of Kingston and Syracuse are naturally connected – in proximity and through shared economic advantages and interests. Kingston, Syracuse, and their surrounding regions are both home to world-class academic and research institutions; innovation ecosystems in key market sectors, including health innovation, biotech, and advanced manufacturing; and enjoy close access to major economic hubs including Toronto, Montreal, and New York City.

The Kingston-Syracuse Pathway results from long-standing collaboration between business, government, and academic leaders from both sides of the border. By facilitating cross-border collaboration on cutting-edge research and development; unlocking new global markets for entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs; and improving connectivity between governments, the Kingston-Syracuse Pathway will maximize the competitive advantages of Eastern Ontario and Northern and Central New York State. The overall vision of the Kingston-Syracuse Pathway is to enhance connectivity and position the region as a leading global innovation ecosystem.

April 9, 2024 – 2024 Kingston-Syracuse Pathway Conference: Advancing Health & Economic Development Through Research & Innovation

World-class physicians, doctors, researchers, and scientists will be sharing insights into the evolving landscape of healthcare. They’ll delve into cutting-edge research, showcase emerging life sciences innovators, and bring together experienced industry veterans from the United States and Canada. Together, they’ll explore how academia, industry, and government can collaborate and innovate in healthcare and life sciences industries.

Join us for a full day of dynamic discussion and innovation together. Lunch and light snacks are included. Full agenda will be posted soon but covers topics like the future of the healthcare workforce, technology, big data and computing in medicine, what’s the next big frontier in health and life sciences, a pitch competition, and more.

Third Annual Cross Border Conference on Health Innovation Pitch Competition

The 3rd Annual Kingston-Syracuse Pathway Conference on Health Innovation will be held April 9 in Kingston, Ontario. Included in the conference is a pitch competition held for Canadian- and US-based early stage life and health sciences start-up teams. Get your innovation in front of business leaders, researchers, physicians and accelerators. Five teams will be selected from applications received to participate. The winning team will receive a $5,000 pitch competition award. To be eligible, you must be early stage, have not received over $1,000,000 in funding and you agree to participate in person at the conference. Pitch teams will have 5 minutes to pitch and respond to judge questions.

Queen’s Research Discovery Network

The Research Discovery Network (RDN), anchored by Queen’s University, is a platform created to foster interdisciplinary research connections and exhibit the research and proficiency of researchers, both within Queen’s University and in collaboration with other communities and institutions. This network serves as a conduit for the discovery of research and expertise, striving to dismantle barriers between various faculties, departments, and external communities to spur collaboration and innovation.

The RDN offers a researcher profile and networking platform that enables researchers to engage with one another and display their research to a broader audience, including other academic communities, industry partners, and the public. This inclusive approach aims to extend the reach of collaborative endeavors and innovative research, expanding the impact of discoveries beyond the boundaries of individual institutions.

Kingston-Syracuse Pathway Soft-Landing Program

Helping entrepreneurs and startups navigate international market expansion!

The purpose of the Pre- and Soft-Landing program is to facilitate the successful international market entry for entrepreneurs and innovators, by providing them with access to the resources needed to expand into the U.S. or Canada. Program offerings may include curated market entry mentorship, strategic workshops and events, access to incubation and accelerator space, funding opportunities, and introductions to key industry partners.

The Pre-Landing offering provides businesses one-on-one sessions with collaborators of the Kingston-Syracuse Pathway (KSP) to determine eligibility for the Soft-Landing program. This program will review your export plans, and provide you with suggestions and referrals to experts and resources in the region’s innovation ecosystem to support your company’s entry into the U.S. or Canadian market.

Following the initial Pre-Landing session, the Soft-Landing program will provide select entrepreneurs and startups with a variety of support services, carefully curated to meet their specific business expansion needs. Kingston Economic Development will help you navigate the opportunities provided through this partnership.

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