Kingston Economic Development Corporation is committed to:

· Openness, transparency and accountability for the use of all public funds;
· Highest standards of professional conduct;
· Respect for client confidentiality;
· Organizational excellence through efficient and effective operating procedures;
· Strong commitment to the best practices of corporate governance.

Annual Reports

Operations & Human Resources Policy Manual

The Operations and Human Resources Policy Manual is the official statement of Kingston Economic Development Corporation Operations and Human Resource Policies. The policies and procedures in this manual are applicable to all employees, contractors and volunteers of Kingston Economic Development Corporation.

Corporate By-laws


In 2023, the operating budget for the Corporation as a whole is $3.6M. The revenue is generated through Municipal, Provincial, Federal and private sector investments.

Financial services for the Kingston Economic Development Corporation are managed by the City of Kingston Financial Services department. The Finance and Audit Committee reviews reports on all financial transactions on a monthly schedule.

Audited Financial Statements

A third-party independent audit of finances is undertaken annually. The corporate auditor for 2023 was KPMG.