Global Skills Referral Partner



Global Skills Referral Partner

Kingston Economic Development is a designated referral partner for Category A of the Global Talent Stream and Global Skills Strategy: Dedicated Service Channel.

Global Talent Stream Category A provides 2-week processing for eligible work permit applications. The business eligibility overview for this program is:

· Firm is operating in Canada (Canada Revenue Agency business registered number).
· Firm has a focus on innovation
· Firm has a willingness, and is capable of growing or scaling up
· Firm has a need for unique and specialized global talent
· Firm has identified a specific foreign worker for potential hire

Global Skills Strategy: Dedicated Service Channel through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) offers a dedicated service channel (DSC) employers who make a significant investment in Canada.

Global Skills Strategy

Two-Week Service Strandard

Short-Term Work Permit Exemptions

Dedicated Service Channel

Global Talent Stream

Work permits for high-skilled talent will be processed in two weeks or less.

Skilled workers and top research talent able to come work in Canada for short periods with less red tape.

Departmental staff ready to guide employers making significant investments through the immigration process.

Processing Labour Market Impact Assessments for select Canadian employers in 10 business days while tracking benefits for Canadians on job creation, knowledge and skills training investments.

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