10 New Businesses Started by Student Entrepreneurs

Kingston, Ontario – June 28, 2023 – Kingston Economic Development is pleased to recognize the exceptional achievements of ten talented students who have successfully been accepted into the Summer Company program. Since its inception, the Summer Company program has been instrumental in helping young individuals aged 15 to 29 start and run their own businesses, providing them with valuable business training and financial support.

This year’s cohort of Summer Company participants have already begun demonstrating their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication throughout the week-long business bootcamp hosted by Business Coach, Claire Bouvier. The student entrepreneurs have each been matched with a business mentor to help guide them as they start and grow their businesses over the course of the summer. Currently, the students are in the process of refining their business’ respective products or services and serving their first customers.

“Supporting students on their entrepreneurial journey is an incredible experience, witnessing their passion transform into businesses, as they continue to explore if entrepreneurship is a potential future career option. With a team of highly successful coaches guiding them this year, we are empowering these young minds to build their dreams. From mastering the art of lure-making to bridging gaps in sports training, from making fashion inclusive to capturing moments through a lens, they are filling gaps in the Kingston business market,” says Norman Musengimana, Business Development Manager – Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship, Kingston Economic Development.

“During the business bootcamp, I had the privilege to connect with young entrepreneurs and learn about their unique businesses,” says Mason Rice, Founder of Rice Photography and 2023 Summer Company Participant. “Interacting with them was valuable, as it broadened my perspective and allowed room for future collaboration. Additionally, I gained practical sales skills and marketing strategies that I plan on implementing soon. I am excited to apply what I’ve learned and take my photography business to the next level!”

To learn more about the Summer Company program and the achievements of the exceptional student entrepreneurs and to register for the Summer Company Showcase taking place on August 16 at Fractal Workspace, please visit investkingston.ca/summercompany

Meet the 2023 Summer Company participants:

Sam King – KingLine Lures
Sam King is more than just a 10th grader. He’s an emerging entrepreneur, the mastermind behind KingLine Lures, turning a fascination for fishing into a flourishing business venture. In this enterprise, Sam isn’t merely creating a product; he’s weaving a story, bringing to life the art and intricacy of lure-making.

Eric Colonna – Pick 6 Athletics
Eric Colonna, a seasoned defensive back, and a Commerce student at Queen’s University, is leveraging his knowledge of football to bring a unique business model to the Kingston community through Pick 6 Athletics. This specialized training program for football players aged 8-19 zeros in on speed and defensive back skills, bridging the gap between need and availability in the Kingston area.

Owen McDowell – World Outta Luck
Owen McDowell, a Queen’s University psychology student, is making strides in the fashion industry with an innovative and inclusive approach. Driven by his aspiration to make a difference and attain financial stability, Owen founded ‘World Outta Luck’, aiming to make adaptive clothing and compression wear accessible to all communities.

Jasmine Woboditsch – JW Boutique
Jasmine Woboditsch, a talented college student based in Kingston, has transformed her love for macramé and decor into a creative business called JW Boutique. Specializing in handmade bohemian decor, JW Boutique breathes a fresh aesthetic into thrift store finds, crafting distinct macramé items such as hanging shelves, lanterns, and light fixtures.

Josh Bowry – Red Bridge Camping
Nestled between the serene towns of Tweed and Madoc, Red Bridge Camping offers a unique and affordable outdoor experience. The venture is the brainchild of high school senior Josh Bowry, aimed at couples and young families seeking a taste of rural Ontario’s tranquil beauty.

Nicolas Inscho – KingDetailing
High school graduation is an important milestone for any student, but for Nicolas Inscho, it marks the start of an entrepreneurial journey. His upcoming venture, KingDetailing, turns his passion for automobiles into a practical business. The spark for this idea came from his stepdad’s experience with luxury cars and advice from a family friend.

Ryleigh Hillier – The Draconic Crow
The stationery market is about to witness a distinct addition. The Draconic Crow, a unique venture spearheaded by final-year high school student Ryleigh Hillier, caters to those seeking an extraordinary touch to their everyday items. Drawing from their passion for art and design, Ryleigh plans to bring personalised stationery to life.

Mason Rice – Rice Photography
Emerging on the photography scene is Mason Rice, a Grade 12 student who’s turned his hobby into a bustling business venture amidst his schoolwork. With plans to continue his academic pursuits in engineering at Queen’s University next year, he is determined to carry his camera, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and textbooks along.

Tyler Kraus – Oracle of Suffering
Tyler Kraus, a 17-year-old Sydenham High School student, is not just a musician; he’s a one-man band. Through his music project, Oracle of Suffering, he is revolutionizing the extreme music genre by drawing on his favourite aspects of the music that inspires him.

Roman Mironov – 199 Media
Roman Mironov, a determined third-year commerce student at Queen’s University, the company is carving out a niche for itself. By expertly navigating platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, Roman makes digital advertising more approachable for local businesses. 

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