9 Businesses Secure $28,000 Through Starter Company Plus

Kingston, Ontario – June 18, 2024 – Kingston Economic Development is proud to announce that 9 successful businesses were selected to receive funding through the Starter Company Plus Program. Funded by the Government of Ontario, the program empowers entrepreneurs with learning modules, mentorship, and grants to start or grow their businesses.

The Starter Company Plus program offers successful applicants personalized coaching and tailored business training to address their specific needs. Additionally, participants have the chance to pitch their business plans for an opportunity to receive microgrants of up to $5,000. This spring, Kingston Economic Development provided a total of $28,000 in grants to foster local business growth.

“This Starter Company Plus cohort has been exceptional in that we were able to provide comprehensive training for over 20 entrepreneurs. Traditionally held in the Spring and Fall, the program has become incredibly competitive, with 9 successful program participants securing grants. What sets this cohort apart is the significant representation of women business owners, with seven out of 9 recipients being women and two hailing from Frontenac County. Witnessing small businesses recognize opportunities and implementing strategies to broaden their services is truly inspiring. It reflects not only their dedication but also the effectiveness of the program in nurturing entrepreneurial growth,” says Norman Musengimana, Business Development Manager – Start-ups & Entrepreneurship.

Successful Starter Company Plus grant recipient Sky Skrotzki of Editless mentions, “Thanks to this program, I’ve not only received the financial support needed to propel my business to the next level, but I’ve also gained invaluable knowledge. Crafting my business plan and financial projections has elevated my approach to entrepreneurship, making my dreams of growth and success feel more possible. As a creative individual, the support I’ve received has been transformative, providing me with the tools and confidence to navigate the technical aspects of my business with more ease.”

Applications for the 2024 Fall Starter Company Plus cohort will open in September. To learn more, visit investkingston.ca/startercompanyplus

Meet the Starter Company Plus Spring 2024 participants:

CP Logic

CP Logic is a fully remote boutique energy services consulting company comprised of Cedric Pepelea, working with a select group of subcontractors and partners to design and implement energy efficiency programs and projects. CP Consulting’s mission is to accelerate the scale of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Canada by focusing on a collaborative approach.


Editless seeks to empower brands and creators of all sizes to easily produce compelling online video content with its array of tools, resources, and custom services. Its aim is to assist clients in enhancing their online presence and brand growth through engaging and authentic content.

Evergreen Health Collective

Evergreen Health Collective is an integrative clinic offering acupuncture, chiropractic, registered massage therapy, psychotherapy, harmonic eggs, holistic nutrition, and holistic newborn and lactation coaching. They aim to create a welcoming and secure environment for their clients. Guided by their core values of Connection, Compassion, and Education, their providers are dedicated to educating and empowering their clients to achieve their individual and family care goals.

Flourish Psychotherapy Kingston

Flourish Psychotherapy Kingston offers virtual individual therapy sessions to adults 18 years of age and older throughout Ontario. It uses a client-centred approach to therapy with those experiencing difficulty with anxiety, depression, burnout, postpartum anxiety and depression, life transitions, grief, and more. They are passionate about empowering others to heal and grow toward their goals, and they are excited to begin helping the Kingston community.

myoKingston Pain Clinic

myoKingston Pain Clinic is a mobile clinic currently offering myoActivation® treatments for acute and chronic pain at two locations in Kingston, Ontario. myoActivation® is a unique structured assessment and treatment system designed to reduce chronic pain’s myofascial components. It’s distinguished from other treatments in its approach to identifying the source of the pain and the system of trigger point needling used to release muscles in sustained contraction, fascia under tension, and relevant scars to resolve pain.

Rampant Kitchen

Rampant Kitchen provides custom catering for events, prepared meals and personalised cooking classes. They create fresh catering for their client’s next family function, prep meals for their client’s busy week, and help their clients plan their next big celebration with ease. They believe in the ‘Eat Global, taste Local’ philosophy and source from local farmers and purveyors.

Virtual Encounters

Virtual Encounters is a business-to-business service offering end-to-end virtual reality integration consulting, staff training support, and event hosting services. Their goal is to help businesses leverage the power of VR technology in every aspect. From enhancing training and workplace cohesion to improving customer engagement and brand loyalty, Virtual Encounters helps implement effective, efficient, and economical solutions that bring businesses one step closer to the future of commerce experiences.


Wemmigration is a digital platform designed to (i) train new and existing Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) and Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs) with professional development hours they require each year, and (ii) use artificial intelligence features to automate detection of fraudulent immigration practices. The ultimate goal of Wemmigration is to minimize fraudulent practice, minimize incompetent immigration advising, and help potential newcomers not to fall for unauthorized practices.

Wild Lily Seed Co.

Wild Lily Seed Co. is an online edible perennial seed company that provides gardeners with seed and plant propagation material for cold hardy crops of roots, leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Their website and YouTube channel provide all the information required for their clients to successfully grow, preserve and enjoy their garden harvests.

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Marketing & Communications Manager
Kingston Economic Development Corporation