Anchor Concrete Launches Lodestar Structures Inc.

Anchor Concrete

Lodestar Structures, by Anchor Concrete Products, is a family of Precast Concrete Building components designed to achieve rapid and sustainable construction for residential and commercial applications.

Anchor Concrete, a 3rd generation Kingston based Precast Concrete manufacturer operating since 1969, introduced an innovative Modular Building System in 2021 under the name Lodestar Structures Inc., designed to support the construction industry and provide an affordable and sustainable building alternative to traditional construction methods.

Lodestar Structures is a family of Precast Concrete Modular Building components designed for rapid and sustainable construction for residential and commercial applications. The Modular Building System combines the resilience of Precast Concrete with the efficiency of Modular Building Technology, allowing builders to complete the primary infrastructure of a building in a fraction of the traditional building time.  Efficiencies associated with the Modular Building Systems reduce the demand for labour and natural resources, expands production potential, and provides a finished product of superior quality and durability. The features of the structure have been crafted to allow designers and architect to enclose the structures using traditional materials, yet it also allows the concrete features to remain exposed (if desired) to add custom elements and design characteristics.

Each Lodestar Structure provides up to a 436 square foot building footprint consisting of commercial rated support columns and integrated surface slab, when connected horizontally or vertically they expand the building footprint to accommodate up to 7 stories tall and unlimited in length or width. The modules are engineered to endure seismic events, are made of non-combustible building material, and can withstand severe weather events. Lodestar Modular Building Units provide a safe and durable infrastructure designed to solve the challenges in developing affordable and attainable “Human Spaces”.

Since their introduction in 2021, Lodestar Structures have been extremely well received by all segments in the Kingston construction industry with more than 200 projects at various stages of conceptualization, design, and execution. Lodestar has earned the interest of builders, developers, and precast companies as far away as West Africa, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Mexico, and France. Anchor Concrete is currently in discussions with multiple precast manufacturers to license the technology for use in multiple markets and in multiple countries.

Jeff Bradfield, the Owner and CEO of Anchor Concrete and Lodestar Structures, is a firm advocate for building wiser and more sustainably. When asked what the motivation was behind the creation of the Lodestar Structures series of products Jeff commented “When you create something new that is designed to create NET POSITIVE homes and Communities and when your products are DISRUPTIVE to widespread, deeply held paradigms, it is not easy to be understood. It is however safe to say, it will be clear to your children, grandchildren and future generations like the internet and cell phones are to us today. Lodestar Structures, a revolutionary new way to build! It’s about TIME!”

Kingston’s own Anchor Concrete Products has placed itself on the global stage with a product that is innovative and unique, demonstrating that with the proper drive and determination we can discover ways to improve ourselves, our communities and optimize what we do without compromising how we do it.