Canadian Manufacturer wins Best of NeoCon Gold at NeoCon 2023

June, 2023 – There was promising development for good, local jobs and the Canadian economy alike last week at NeoCon 2023 – North America’s largest commercial design show. Local privacy pod manufacturer, SnapCab, was presented with the distinguished award of “Best of NeoCon Gold” in its category “Acoustics & Privacy – Work Pods.” The LinkPro was selected by a jury of industry leaders tasked with honoring outstanding new products from exhibiting companies at the show.


A luxury privacy pod designed for videoconferencing, the LinkPro features a modular height-adjustable desk, optimal lighting, switch glass, and endless customization opportunities. The jury considered its overall contribution to the built environment, human-centric design, high-quality craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing processes.  


“We are honored to receive the prestigious Best of NeoCon Gold award for our new videoconferencing pod,” says Founder & CEO Glenn Bostock, “I am so proud of my team who worked tirelessly to produce a useful and beautiful product.  


“We listened to people who work in offices and responded by creating a space that prioritizes visual and audible privacy. We listened to designers who want total customizability to ensure seamless integration into their plans. Unlike most single-person pods, the LinkPro is dimensioned both to give added leg room and to take up as little space as possible in the office.  


“The result is an industry-leading product that meets the specific needs of our clients.” 


The LinkPro is one of several products that SnapCab manufactures in Kingston, Ontario and Warrington, Pennsylvania.