Celebrating Newcomer Entrepreneurs

Kingston, Ontario – March 20, 2024 – Recognizing the resilience, innovation, and contributions of newcomer entrepreneurs, the Kingston Economic Development Corporation and Kingston Immigration Partnership are proud to host the 2nd annual Kingston Newcomer Entrepreneurs of the Year Awards.

The Newcomer Entrepreneurs Awards provide recognition to newcomer entrepreneurs whether they are just starting their businesses or have already made significant strides.

“Newcomer entrepreneurs bring diverse experiences and new expertise which is creating jobs and wealth in our city. We respect the contributions that newcomer entrepreneurs make and are proud to support this awards program. Celebrating newcomer entrepreneurs fosters an environment where all feel welcome and businesses can flourish.” said Norman Musengimana, Business Development Manager – Start-ups & Entrepreneurship.

The Kingston Newcomer Entrepreneurs of the Year Awards program includes three distinct categories:

Community Builder Award: Recognizing entrepreneurs who have demonstrated a strong commitment and contribution to community service.

Start-up Award: Honouring entrepreneurs whose businesses were established within the past five years, showcasing innovation and growth potential.

Inspirational Entrepreneur Award: Celebrating entrepreneurs who have achieved great success and demonstrated visionary leadership in their industries.

The nomination period is open until April 15, 2024. To be eligible for the awards, the newcomer entrepreneur must have been born outside of Canada and operate their business in Kingston, showcasing the city’s diversity and entrepreneurial spirit.

“Through this joint initiative between Kingston Economic Development Corporation and Kingston Immigration Partnership, we celebrate the invaluable contributions of innovative newcomers who enrich Kingston’s entrepreneur landscape,” says Wendy Vuyk, Director of Community Health at Kingston Community Health Centres and Founding Member of Kingston Immigration Partnership. “Their resilience and creativity have not only driven job creation but also infused our community with a fresh perspective and groundbreaking ideas that shape Kingston into a vibrant and inclusive hub of opportunity.”

To nominate someone and to learn about past participants please visit investkingston.ca/newcomer

Media Contact
Nour Mazloum
Marketing & Communications Manager
Kingston Economic Development Corporation