Frulact Grows in Canada

Kingston, Ontario – August 27, 2021 – Frulact Canada brought together employees, local partners and community representatives to celebrate the expansion of its plant in Kingston, Ontario, for an event that happened on August 27th, 2021.

The event took place in the company’s gardens, respecting Covid-19’s safety measures, and was attended not only by the company’s employees but also by Deputy Mayor Wayne Hill and other public and political personnel as a means of acknowledging the importance of Kingston community on Frulact’s strategic goals achievement.

The expansion represented an investment of $22.5 million, elevating the total investment of the Group in Kingston up to $50 million.

“We see Frulact as a fruit tree that needs strong roots and space to fully bloom. Our team provides us this stable ground and the community of Kingston extensive possibilities for the growth of our activities and knowledge. This expansion is a success due to their commitment and quality of service delivered to our clients”, mentions Rogério Silva, Frulact’s COO.

Both employees and visitors were invited to take a tour around Frulact’s Kingston plant and learn more about the expansion project. After the tour, there was a lunch.

“It’s been rewarding to watch Frulact establish a presence in Kingston and continue to grow and increase their workforce. This expansion marks a significant milestone for the Frulact Group and we will continue to support their success,” says Donna Gillespie, Kingston Economic Development Corporation’s CEO.

This is a time of celebration for Frulact group, which launched its fruit processing and preparation production facility in Kingston, Ontario, in 2017.
Since the beginning, Frulact Canada has been expanding its physical and human structures as driving forces of its strategic vision for North America, where the group intends to expand its presence and, at the same time, take another step towards the ambition of becoming a global leader in natural ingredients solutions.

Recently, Frulact has reached the North and Central Europe, by acquiring International Flavors and Fragrances Group’s fruit preparation business. Through this acquisition, it has become the third largest company in the world in its business segment, being present in seven countries and reaching more than 40 countries.

Frulact’s growth in Kingston and even throughout the world happens in a challenging time triggered by COVID-19 pandemic, showing a full commitment of internal and external people to Frulact towards its expansion plan and entrepreneurial vision.

Media Contact:
Nour Mazloum
Communications & Events Officer
Kingston Economic Development Corporation