Funding Available for New Arts Graduates to Launch First Careers

Kingston, Ontario – November 14, 2022 – Kingston Economic Development is pleased announce that applications are now being accepted from Kingston businesses for the 2023 Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston program. Up to $10,000 for Kingston employers in funding is available to support 15 positions for new graduates from the arts, humanities and social science disciplines within the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s University. The objective is to help new graduates launch their careers while retaining skilled talent in the community. Employers who commit to a 12-month contract are reimbursed for four months of the gross salary to a maximum of $2,500 per month.

The Queen’s Career Apprenticeship Program was piloted in Kingston in 2018, Since its inception, the program has launched over 45 new careers in Kingston and has generated more than $2.5 million in payroll from an initial investment of $400,000.

“The Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston program provides graduates with a great introduction to the workforce and young professional lifestyle in Kingston. For employers, the program links them directly with a new hiring channel that taps into some of the amazing talent graduating with a Queen’s Arts & Science degree. As workforce challenges continue to persist in our region, this program is an absolute win for both sides,” says Rob Tamblyn, Business Development Manager – Small & Medium Enterprises.

The program’s initial success in Kingston led to a model, now under the umbrella of the Canadian Career Apprenticeship Initiative (CCAI) that has expanded into six other Canadian communities including Hamilton, London, Guelph and Okanagan.

“CCAI congratulates Queen’s University and Kingston Economic Development Corporation on launching the sixth year of the Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston program. There are now six universities and their home cities who have followed Kingston’s lead in enabling arts graduates secure meaningful careers with local employers immediately upon graduation,” says Alan Rottenberg, Founder of CCAI.

CCAI partners with leading universities and local economic development organizations to match new arts and humanities graduates with local employers to launch their first careers. The model is unique in that the program was driven by private sector founder Alan Rottenberg’s vision for a better way to connect graduating young talent with non science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees with employers in medium sized cities. Participating communities benefit from retaining motivated, competent and capable university graduates who might otherwise depart for bigger cities in search of work.

“The Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston program and its team were invaluable in connecting our clinic with motivated, hard working young graduates who we would otherwise have been unlikely to find through our usual hiring streams. These new team members have brought fresh ideas and enthusiasm to our office. They are quick and eager learners and the program’s subsidy has allowed us to devote the proper time to training them in their new roles. I would highly recommend this program to any employer that feels they would both benefit from the fresh perspective a new graduate can bring and are able to offer the time and mentoring that a new graduate requires,” says Alexander Legnini, Director, Kingston Institute of Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback.

In 2021, the Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston program won a Gold Rank from the International Economic Developers Council (IEDC) for launching the program in Kingston. In 2022, the Humanities Career Apprenticeship Program in Hamilton was honoured with a Silver Rank award for their post secondary collaboration.

“The apprenticeship program has a direct impact connecting businesses with young, skilled talent. The program provides employers with funding to support on the job training and transitioning new graduates into careers. We appreciate the ongoing investment from the Canadian Career Apprenticeship Initiative and Queen’s University to support Kingston businesses in 2023 and advance our retention strategies for young professionals in Kingston,” says Donna Gillespie, CEO of Kingston Economic Development Corporation.

Employer deadline for applications is February 10, 2023. To learn more about participating in the Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston program visit – For more information on the Canadian Career Apprenticeship Initiative visit –

Media Contact:
Nour Mazloum
Marketing & Communications Manager
Kingston Economic Development Corporation