Kingston Living

With short commute times, a sophisticated public transit system, and an expanding network of walking and cycling paths, Kingston is a haven for the environmental conscience commuter.

The average commute time for workers in Kingston is 20.1 minutes with an average commute distance of 5.9km. For up-to-date local traffic, follow Make it Home YGK on Twitter

Commute Times

Average Commuting Time Average Commute Distance
Kingston 20 min 5.9 km
Toronto 34 min 9.4 km
Montreal 30 min 8.1 km
Ottawa 27 min 8.1 km

Walking & Cycling

Kingston is easy to navigate on foot and has a tight-knit urban fabric that is very walkable.  It comes as no surprise that according to the results of the 2016 Census, Kingston had the highest share of walking commuters in Ontario. City Hall is a strong advocate of walking and cycling as a viable means of transportation and continuous investments are being made to develop walking and cycling paths in the City.

#4 Place to be a woman in Canada

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives recognized Kingston as the number one place to be a women in Canada.

Top City to Raise a Family

Determined 13th best city in Canada to raise a family by Reader’s Digest

Fastest Wireless City in North America

Kingston was ranked the fastest wireless city according to PC Magazine.