Opportunities for New and Growing Businesses to Pitch for Funding

Kingston, Ontario – September 25, 2023 – Kingston Economic Development is accepting applications for the Starter Company Plus program until October 4, 2023. The Starter Company Plus program offers training, one-on-one guidance, business mentorship and more. Offered by Kingston Economic Development and funded by the Government of Ontario, this program empowers aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to start and grow their businesses.

Successful candidates accepted into the program will gain access to invaluable business training and one-on-one coaching. Each year, Kingston Economic Development allocates a total of $70,000 in microgrants to support new and growing ventures through the Starter Company Plus program. Eligible individuals can pitch their business ideas to secure microgrants of up to $5,000.

“The Starter Company Plus program has been a game changer for new Kingston area entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for a bit of funding to assist with your start-up costs or you are looking for guidance and advice on things like your business plan, marketing strategies, or cash flow management, Starter Company Plus can help. I’d encourage all who are looking for assistance in any of these areas to consider applying for the program,” says Rob Tamblyn, Business Development Manager – Small & Medium Enterprises, Kingston Economic Development.

“The program is very beneficial. It covers many aspects of running a business, and I learned many things, starting from the lease contract, to how to do market research, marketing, understanding financial terminologies, digital sales and legal point of view, says Anjlik Jaghlassian, Founder, NourishCo Health Inc. and Starter Company Plus Spring 2023 Participant. “I highly recommend the program to everyone with an idea to launch a small business.”

Applications for the Fall 2023 cohort are now open until October 4. Successful applicants must attend a mandatory business bootcamp from October 16 – October 27 to be eligible to pitch for a microgrant. Visit investkingston.ca/startercompanyplus to apply. 

Media Contacts:
Nour Mazloum
Marketing & Communications Manager
Kingston Economic Development Corporation