PapEasy Expands to Kingston, Ontario: A Leap Toward Global Cervical Cancer Eradication

October 2023 – PapEasy, a pioneer in preventive healthcare with proprietary technology in cervical cancer testing, has launched its new office in Kingston, symbolizing a substantial advancement in the global battle against cervical cancer. Since its establishment in 2020, PapEasy has been at the forefront, championing the cause to eradicate cervical cancer—a disease that is both preventable and treatable, yet tragically claims a significant portion of the lives of approximately 600,000 women who are annually receiving positive diagnoses. As it is preventable and treatable, timely testing and diagnostics are very important. Canada currently has more than a million unscreened women in the backlog.

PapEasy introduces an innovative, easy-to-use preventive healthcare device, ingeniously merging simplicity with advanced testing technologies to optimize user experience based on how Pap tests have previously been conducted. This revolutionary device, equipped with proprietary technology, aims to modernize and replace the speculum, a tool that has not been updated since the mid-20th century. By prioritizing privacy, accessibility, speed, and cultural relevance, the company empowers more women to undergo screening with this swift, comfortable, and less intimidating device, potentially increasing the number of women opting to get Pap tests.

The inception of the Kingston location serves as a catalyst in a global movement committed to eliminating cervical cancer mortality worldwide. PapEasy’s innovative and multipurpose testing solution is poised to make cervical cancer screening more accessible and user-friendly.

Kingston, known for its diversity and rich history in healthcare, offers an ideal environment for PapEasy to propagate its groundbreaking healthcare solutions. “Kingston’s robust network of supports makes it the perfect place for our global outreach,” said Kamran Ayagh, CEO Founder of PapEasy. “We are thrilled to join this inclusive community, dedicated to enhancing women’s health worldwide.”

PapEasy continues to assemble a team of world-renowned experts, dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through a meticulous focus on privacy, accessibility, cultural specificity, and speed. The establishment in Kingston reaffirms PapEasy’s unwavering commitment to making preventive healthcare more attainable and user-friendly, underscoring their ongoing pursuit of a world devoid of the threat of cervical cancer.

PapEasy’s establishment in Kingston represents more than geographical expansion; it signifies a transformative shift in preventive healthcare. This move symbolizes a beacon of hope in the fight against cervical cancer, blending innovation, technology, and compassion for global impact.